About Us


The Studio of John the Baptist is committed to the Image of the unseen God in the Icon of Christ and to the Sacred Mysteries connected with His Life, Death, and Resurrection. We represent these mysteries through Sacred Art and Iconography. Our work is commission based and graces Cathedrals, Parishes, Schools, Institutions, and family homes. The studio, formed in 2005, is located in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.


Almost all work produced at the Studio of John the Baptist is commissioned, allowing us to give every work individual care and focus so that each piece fulfills its intended purpose superbly. To view the commissioning process click here.


Icons aim to draw the viewer into deeper spiritual communion with the unseen God. The Studio of John the Baptist is dedicated to faithfully writing icons according to the traditions passed down to us in the Church from as early as the sixth century. We use traditional methods and materials and the spirituality of the icon is of prime importance to us. Icons are called into being, commissioned by someone for a particular purpose, place, or person.


Sacred art explores the Sacred Mysteries of Christ's life and leads it's viewers to contemplate them. The Studio of John the Baptist has designed, painted, worked into fabric, sculpted in wood, carved in marble and stone, sand-blasted into glass, and cast in bronze many aspects of these infinite Mysteries. Each work expresses and teaches the Faith.


Our restorative work aims to restore time-worn pieces of sacred art back to their former glory and beyond. The Studio of John the Baptist restores Statues, Crucifixes, Stations of the Cross sets and other devotional items. We have been commissioned by various dioceses to work on major and delicate restoration projects.